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Bloggable Hours

April 20, 2012

“Don’t ever get your speedometer confused with your clock, like I did once, because the faster you go, the later you think you are.”
Jack Handey, Deep Thoughts

Ipswich River Media and kayaking

And you’re wondering “what’s with the blog here?” I know, every day you stop by, hoping for some new pithy communications bits. But things get busy. Typically, it’s my clients that get all the good thinking. They each have their own blogs, and Twitter feeds and websites that require work. That’s not to mention the media relations and other communications stuff.

For example, yesterday, it was Save Energy Systems that deserved my attention.  This smart cleantech start-up has a very pragmatic approach to energy use – and a promising future.  Mass High Tech agreed. There are also two NY tradeshows this month for another client. A particular marketing strategy for another.

On top of all that, there are 29 hungry minds to be feed.  I enjoy teaching an electronic media class  – one is plenty – at Endicott College to future communications pros.  And I have a blog there too.

Sometimes I even get a few minutes to update the Sustainability Forum blog.  I’m the chairman for that active membership group (you’re invited to join us by the way).

So, it seems I never get enough time to stop here at the IRM blog for illuminating updates. I apologize. I’m sure you understand. If not, catch me on Twitter @ipswichmedia and we can discuss further. Or go for a good kayak run?!

And Free T-shirts, too! (Just wanted to see if you’re still reading).


Minds @ Work in Communications

December 15, 2011

Students of CMM220 at EndicottFox News exposed. Net neutrality illuminated. We’ve debated the Doctrine of Cooperation, the failed promises of big media and Newton Minow’s vast wasteland. “Communications professor” is my secret identity; it’s a passionate pastime that keeps me on my toes.

Rest assured, there are 20 new emerging professionals who understand the promise and potential of electronic media.  They can see Facebook and Twitter as a means to greater ends.  They know there’s something bigger than Snookie and the Khardasians.

We’ve gone over the History of Electronic Media in CMM220, looking at the perspectives of McLuhan through our rear-view mirrors to make some sense of where it’s all going. We’ve watched how Afgan Idol is advancing attitudes toward women. We’ve seen YouTube heroics bringing down dictators. We know “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” Tim Wu’s Master Switch and the link between bike rides and 4G smartphones.

Snooie & the ShoreI’m hopeful these Endicott College kids will be better marketers and communications pros  – well informed citizens, too. They understand the privileges of education and probably make a better effort than my generation did. They see some of the Global challenges on our plate. But they’re optimistic about crowd-sourcing, American ingenuity, open broadband initiatives.  They know the ‘bit is it.’

Stay tuned to this generation.  You’ll see some good, new ideas. Of course, we still have the final exam left on Wednesday.