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October 22, 2010

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TV Everywhere is the buzzword in the industry.  It’s an initiative shared by high-speed data providers, like Comcast and Verizon; TV networks of every sort from Animal Planet to the Z Channel; and Apple, Google, Hulu and Roku.  TV when you want it, where you want it, with a good dose of advertising on the side. 

Lots of video eats massive quantities of bandwidth.  Cisco predicts that 90% of all IP traffic will be devoted to video in just a few years. All the words ever spoken would take up about 5 exabytes of storage. We’re looking at new thresholds of video for consumption at 10 exabytes and up.  Hard to believe there were only three television networks once.

Our client Verivue has figured out a way to help networks deal more efficiently with this influx of video traffic.  It’s a practical way of looking at the problem.  Essentially it means storing the popular stuff closer to you.  That’s no mean feat either.   

But this smart new company promises to help bring about this new television revolution.  This week we were out in front of the press that covers this biz.  Some good stuff here and real potential to bring TV everywhere.

Verivue Acquires CDN Technology Provider CoBlitz

Verivue’s CoBlitz buy addresses “uncompensated traffic”

Verivue Acquires CDN Technology Provider CoBlitz

Verivue CEO: Tier 1 telcos look to build CDNs as video traffic surges


Verivue Acquires CoBlitz For Video Caching: VOD Startup to Offer Service Providers Solution to Ease Over-the-Top Video Load




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